We can all feel overwhelmed at some point in our life and emotional exhaustion is definitely not easy to deal with. We can feel both mentally and physically overwhelmed; because of our job, of a break-up, friendship, a deadline, or all together at the same time. Overthinking is my full time job, as I like to joke about it, so sometimes everything becomes just too much to deal with. When I'm feeling worn-out & like I'm drowning in my own head, I like taking a huge step back for a day or two, slowing down and focusing on taking care of myself.

Here is what does wonders for me: 

First thing first; & I think it's the most important and effective thing on the list, put your phone away, yes you read it right, leave your phone alone for a day. When you are feeling drained, even checking social media or just answering some texts can be exhausting. Trust me, I'm addicted to my phone, I check it million times a day but when i'm feeling overwhelmed, there is no better feeling then being away from it and focusing on my well-being instead of wasting time on social media. 

Sit back, light some candles and take a moment to do nothing, relax, breath in, breath out several times and just enjoy this " I'm doing nothing at all and it feels good "-feeling. 

Write every single thing you got into your mind; what's trapped in your head, all of your thoughts and the different feelings you might be experiencing on a journal / piece of paper. By writing these things down, it will help you process what's going on and understand your struggle better. Your brain will also feel lighter afterwards. 

Go for a little walk, some fresh-air never hurts. If you are lucky enough to go for a walk on the beach or in a park, take a moment to really let the nature energy flow into you, listen to every little noise you usually don't even notice. Be curious of what's surrounding you and how it makes you feel. You can get so many positive vibes from mother nature, this is almost crazy. 

Pamper yourself! Clean your skin, exfoliate, apply a face mask and hop in your bubble bath with essential oil or your favorite bath bomb. Try thinking about nice stuff if you can't empty your mind or listen to some music. 

Take the longest nap eveeeeer. Feeling overwhelmed makes us really tired cause you are never fully resting when your brain is buzzing. 

Make yourself your favorite tea or coffee and bury yourself in a new book. It will allow to free your mind from all of the stressful things going on in your head. 

Order take-out, yeeep order that comfort food you are craving of & grab your comfiest blanket and binge watch your favorite movie / tv-show. Solo snuggling is so good sometimes!!  

 & last but not least... talk with someone about how you have been feeling and why. It can be with one of your close friends, a member of your family or even with someone you barely know. It's therapeutic, trust me. You can find out that you are not alone, or feel relieved that it's not only between you & you anymore. I have been the kind of girl keeping every bad feelings to herself for years, only sharing good vibes and stuff. But at the end of the day, we are all human, we are all in the same boat, we all have highs and lows, it is not a shame to feel down sometimes or have so much in our mind we can't even think straight anymore. 

Tell me everything,

What gets you feeling like drowning in your own head?

& what's your way to overcome feeling overwhelmed? 

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